Oslo Architecture Triennale is a non-profit organisation with six constituting member organizations and eight associated members. All members represent important institutions within the field of architecture and urban planning in Norway. Click here to find out more about how OAT is organised.

Constituting members

  • DOGA

    DOGA is a driving force behind sustainable value creation through design and architecture. We facilitate collaboration between creative talents and businesses and work to strengthen the role of design and architecture in shaping the Norway of tomorrow.

  • National Museum

    The National Museum holds, preserves, exhibits, and promotes public knowledge about, Norway's most extensive collections of art, architecture and design.

  • National Association of Norwegian Architects

    National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) is a professional ideal members organization working to promote good architecture and architects shared interests.

  • Oslo Association of Architects

    Oslo Association of Architects (OAF) is an association for architects in Oslo and Akershus who represent our members and works to strengthen the academic and collegial standard. OAF provides forums for debate where important issues for architects and their social responsibility are addressed and elucidated. OAF is a local association in NAL and has approximately 2000 members

  • Oslo School of Architecture and Design

    The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) offers a unique research-based education of international standing.

  • Oslo Business Region

    Oslo Business Region is working to raise the number of startups with international potential, combining startup support services with international profiling and regional business development.

Associated members

  • The Association of Consulting Architects in Norway

    The Association of Consulting Architects in Norway is Norway’s major organisation for employers in the business of architecture.

  • Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects

    The Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects (NLA) is the professional organization for Norwegian landscape architects with recognitioned education.

  • Norwegian Organization of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers

    Norwegian Organization of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers (NIL) is a national NGO organizing interior architects and furniture designers who have completed a MA.

  • FutureBuilt

    FutureBuilt’s vision is to show that climate neutral urban areas, based on high quality architecture, are possible. The aim is to develop 50 pilot projects including buildings and city areas that are set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport, energy and material consumption by at least 50 per cent.

  • NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

    At NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, we create knowledge for a better world and solutions that can change everyday life. NTNU is a university with an international focus, with headquarters in Trondheim and campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik.

  • Bergen School of Architecture

    Bergen School of Architecture was established in 1986 in Bergen as an educational alternative to the two public architecture schools in Norway. BAS is a private foundation and one of three approved architectural studies in Norway.

  • ROM for Art and Architecture

    ROM is a non profit organization, committed to promoting innovative architecture and art. ROM hosts exhibitions, lectures, debates and organizes public art & architecture installations and events.

  • Municipality of Oslo, Department of Urban Development

    The City of Oslo’s Agency for Planning and Building Services mains tasks are planning the urban design and land use development of the city, and granting building permissions.

  • The Oslo Society

    The Oslo Society is a non-profit association founded in 1811 for the benefit of Oslo. The society is an independent member organization engaged in public participation, heritage and urban culture development and culture.