The Playground

The Playground promotes play as valuable act in and of itself through exploring and listening to the city and reclaiming the streets for joyful and thoughtful experimentation.

As children, we recognise the role of play as a critical element of human development. But as we age, play as an act of unbounded experimentation and learning is reframed as something silly and extraneous to personal development and life fulfilment. Work instead becomes the thing that we define ourselves around. However, through rituals of collective play, human societies make sense of the places we inhabit and emancipate ourselves from industrialist motives.

The Playground explores how play can challenge the utilitarian nature of public spaces driven by efficiency imperatives, and instead engender collective acts of social existence. The Playground revels in the ways in which play can free us from the confines of the growth paradigm and expand our understanding of how urban space is imagined, perceived, used, discussed, controlled and planned.