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The Academy

Sept. 9-16, 2016

The Academy is a Forum organized by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO. It will bring schools from around the world to enter in a global dialogue and knowledge-sharing experiment, reflecting on issues related to the topics explored in the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016: After Belonging, including new forms of residence, contemporary states of transit, and the ways in which architecture and design are responding to new forms of belonging and belongings.

The Academy will include a full program of events, such as workshops, roundtables, and lectures among others. It will operate in three phases—an analytical phase, a critical phase, and a production phase—which will be distributed over a period of eight days. The aim is to produce a collective project—be it an ephemeral structure, a performance, a publication, an action, an exhibition, or a combination of many of those things. The Academy projects the concerns of the Triennale into the future by introducing long-lasting academic conversations, and collaborations between multiple universities around the world, which will hopefully have an impact in architectural education and practices.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), one of the six founding members of the Oslo Architecture Triennale, offers a unique research-based education of international standing. Established in 1945, it has built a solid national funding base and is prominently ranked internationally. In its education, the school follows a studio-based model with a faculty-to-student ratio that encourages individual development and collaboration. The school has approximately 650 students and awards three Master’s degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Design, as well as a PhD program. THE ACADEMY is a forum organized by the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 in collaboration with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), and lead by a team comprising:

Assistant Professor and Project Manager: Léa-Catherine Szacka

Professor: Gro Bonesmo

Head of Institute of Form, Theory and History: Erik Fenstad Langdalen

Head of Institute of Urbanism and Landscape: Marianne Skjulhaug

Assistants: Ragnhild Havåg, Christiana Pitsillidou