MMW sivilarkitekter MNAL AS, «Larven» (pavilion).  Photo: Martin Adolfsson

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2003

Visions for the capital

9–19 October 2003

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2003: Visions for the capital

The 2nd edition of the Oslo Architecure Triennale focused on the capital city.

Through conferences, exhibitions and projects, the Triennale aimed to encourage debate about the development of the city of Oslo, and discussing both old and new vision for the capital. The Triennale addressed key issues and questions about the urban development of the capital and the ongoing development processes.

To ignite the debate, three architecture practices, Helen & Hard, DARK AS og Plan B, were invited to propose visionary projects for the Oslo region, its development and planning procedures. The results were presented at the Triennale conference and the Triennale exhibition. MMW architects were engaged to develop a pavilion. The result was the pavilion “Larven”, situated at Rådhusplassen in Oslo.

MMW sivilarkitekter MNAL AS, «Larven» (pavilion).  Photo: Knut Bry

MMW sivilarkitekter MNAL AS, «Larven» (pavilion). Photo: Knut Bry