Oslo Architecture Triennale 2007

The Culture of Risk

27 September–5 October 2007

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2007: The Culture of Risk

"The Culture of Risk" aimed to contribute to focusing attention on our potential for new thinking, both with regards to what Norway as a nation represents and what we can become.

Through a series of activities the Triennale aimed to enthuse, challenge and inspire towards innovative thought. The main events in the Triennale was the exhibition “Culture of Risk”, the conference “Culture of Risk”, the Nordic student exhibition “Urban without Urbanity”, and “B-sides”, a special edition of the Norwegian architecture magazine Arkitektur N. And a varied extended program in addition to the main program.

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2007 was the third in the series of international architectural triennales organized by the National Association of Norwegian Architects. The Triennale was organized in collaboration with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norsk Form, Oslo Association of Architects and Oslo Teknopol.