OAT 2010: Man made. Photo: Carsten Aniksdal

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2010

Man Made

22 September–3 October

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2010: Man Made

The 4th edition of the Oslo Architecture Triennale, MAN MADE, focused on innovative and futureproof spatial policies for architecture and urban development, looking and thinking ahead to meet the rising global demand for a more sustainable life.

Featuring debates, conferences, walks, talks, exhibitions, case studies, meetings, art projects and installations, OAT 2010 took place from 22 September to 3 October 2010.

Through projects from the Nordic countries, the main exhibition "Manmade Environment" demonstrated that landscape architecture is about so much more than aesthetics. Used strategically, it can supply sustainable solutions, promote health and improve living conditions for people in both urban and rural areas.

The exhibition "Manmade Environment" highlighted the important role of landscape architecture in sustainable urban development and large-scale planning. It brought to attention the importance of finding alternative, interdisciplinary planning methods, using strategies that emphasize the conscious use of natural resources and combine new expertise and technology with an awareness of local conditions, culture and identity.

The exhibition was a collaboration between Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) and Norsk Form, based on an original idea by DAC. The Swedish Museum of Architecture, the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Nordic House in Reykjavik contributed to the curating of the exhibition content. The exhibition was presented in Copenhagen. Stockholm and Helsinki in 2011 and 2012.

Download the book ‘New Nordic Scopes’ here.