Peisprat: The purpose of architectural culture



25. October

18:00 – 19:30

Arkitektenes hus


The OAT 2019 Chief Curator team will join the Oslo Association of Architects (OAF) and its members for a conversation about the purpose, responsibility and potential of architectural exhibitions and their contribution to the practice and discourse of architecture:

Around the world, the number of architectural exhibitions, events and publications is increasing all the time. Yet the question remains: what is it all for?

Some say that it sheds light on important questions often missed in practice and introduces a more general audience to the craft. Others see the expanding biennial bubble, with jet-setting curators and inaccessible themes as a symptom of an inward-looking profession.

Where is the balance to be struck? We have all been frustrated by architectural exhibitions. Who after all, can say they've ever been moved by an exhibition of architecture as much as by a work of architecture itself?

Oslo Association of Architects and Oslo Architecture Triennale are calling a peisprat – a community meeting of peers working in the field of architecture in Norway. At this evening discussion we will gather around the fire to share company and wisdom over questions of purpose, responsibility and potential in architectural culture. We will hear old voices, new voices and listen intently in a spirit of collective consideration.

Participants: Einar Jarmund (Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter), Jan Olav Jensen (Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor), Mads Pålsrud (Growlab Oslo), Nina Berre (Chair of the Board at OAT), Phineas Harper & Matthew Dalziel (from OAT Chief Curators team), Ragnhild Pedersen Foss (Dark Arkitekter), Tanja Lie (Lie Øyen Arkitekter). Moderator: Joakim Skajaa (Chair of the Board at OAF).

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  • Oslo Association of Architects

    Oslo Association of Architects (OAF) is an association for architects in Oslo and Akershus who represent our members and works to strengthen the academic and collegial standard. OAF provides forums for debate where important issues for architects and their social responsibility are addressed and elucidated. OAF is a local association in NAL and has approximately 2000 members