Future Of Work

Seminar: Architecture for The Future Workspace - from area effectiveness to attracting talents and foster creativity

Copenhagen Centre for Future Studies in cooperation with DARK Architects discuss consequences of the hypermobility era on organizations, management, talent-attractiveness and physical implications.

We spend almost half of our adult life at work. Not only to make a living, because work creates possibilities financially, intellectually and provides an antonymous, social scene.

In our era of hypermobility the framework change, enforced by the increasingly demanding workforce of talents who doesn´t work to live or live to work - but work to be themselves.

The identity of the future company belongs to the talents who choose to be there and we have new challenges for those who design the framework for the future workplace.

  • Will mobility, migration and changed sense of belonging influence architecture, planning and real estate more in our working life than the way we live?
  • Will co working, clusters with shared economy-solutions and the merge between social and work-life develop more rapidly in business than in private life?
  • Will an increasingly multicultural and global workforce with unlimited technological possibilities demand a new generation of real estate developers and change city planning forever?
  • Will the need for identity, fostering innovation and attracting the best talents make businesses finally leave the word area effectiveness and develop for improved output and corporate culture?

Copenhagen Centre for Future Studies and DARK Architects raise the questions in a dialogue.

The seminar takes place in the auditorium at Dronning Eufemias gate 16. It is free and open to all, but require registration. Follow this link to register for the seminar.