The day of Architecture + 2019 = Degrowth



27 September

08:00 – 18:30

The Hub, Biskop Gunnerus' gate 3, 0155 Oslo

Organisers National Association of Norwegian Architects

Arkitekturno 545X370

How can architects plan for development without growth?

People's lifestyle and consumption over the last hundred years has led to ecological imbalance and our future on the planet is threatened. Fortunately, people all over the world are waking up and want change. How can architects contribute in order to get the development back on track - and how can architecture improve the management of human and natural resources?

At the Architecture Day 2019 we will discuss, understand and be inspired to degrowth - where economic growth is not a natural requirement for all development!

As part of the collaboration with National Association of Norwegian Architects, Interrobang is curating a part of the conference programme. More information in the programme.

Contributors: Maja Lunde (NO), Jørgen Randers (NO), Øystein Dørum (NO), Tone Smith Spash (NO), Lisa Ann Cooper (NO), Tine Hegli (NO), Nils Ove Kildahl (DK), Sille Askefrø Bjørn (DK), Peter Barber (GB), Interrobang (GB), Nina Lund Westerdahl (DK), Silent Events (DK), Eva Pfannes (NL), and Jo Taillieu (BE).

Find the programme here.

The event might be photographed/filmed for public use.