Baking Workshop at Losæter with Flatbread Society - Saturday



10. September

12:00 – 14:00

Address: Bakehouse, Losæter, Sørenga, Oslo

Directions, visit:

Registration: Mail to

After a guided tour at Losæter with Anne Beate Hovind and artist Amy Franceschini from Futurefarmers you are invited to an improvised baking workshop with baker Emmanuel Rang. Together we will make and taste different types of doughs and breads using various ancient grains with herbs and flowers harvested from the fields at Losæter.

Each workshop welcomes 20 participants. Sign up by sending an e-mail to

Losæter is one of the public art projects in waterfront of Oslo, Norway. Bjørvika. This unconventional use of a common area was initiated by the art collective Futurefarmers. It includes an urban farm, an allotment community, an ancient grain field, a bakehouse and a city farmer. Losæter hosts a range of activities related to urban food production and preservation of the commons.

In 2014, an official renaming of the site was established. The collectively coined name “Losæter” combines two Norwegian terms for the commons, “Loallmenning” and “sæter”. “Lo” points to the geographic location of the site being near the water and “sæter” refers the right to put animals to pasture and to put up a house for the summer. Losæter captures spirit of the project at large and connects to Norway’s agricultural heritage in a continuum of past to future. As Losæter evolves, the practice and metaphor of cultivation are linked to larger ideas of self-determination and organic processes in the development of land use, social relations, and cultural forms.

A bakehouse will rise during the summer of 2016. The workshop will take place in this bakehouse together with baker Emanuel Rang and other representatives from Futurefarmers Flatbread Society.

Losæter is part of Bjørvika Utvikling (BU) public art program commissioned and produced by Bjørvika Utvikling in collaboration with Futurefarmers. It is supported by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Eastern Region), The farmers Union and Norgesgruppen.

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