Launch / Opening:

Book launch: Barcode Instant City



10. September



Address: Dronning Eufemias gate 8, Restaurant Vaaghals

Barcode: Instant City, a new book on one of the most unusual and outstanding city development projects of its kind, is set to launch on 10 September at Vaaghals Restaurant in Barcode at 18.00.

The book’s author Hans Ibelings and the publisher Marie Arvinius, will be in attendance to engage the key participating architects in a lively discussion about Barcode and what it has meant to them as architects, to Bjørvika, Oslo and Norway.Barcode: Instant CityBarcode is one of Oslo’s (and Norway’s) most important architectural and urban projects of recent years. This book documents how a highly original competition-winning masterplan conceived by MVRDV, A-LAB and DARK, has contributed to the transformation of Bjørvika and the Oslo Fjord. It elucidates how the radical clarity of the masterplan has provoked innovative architecture, which mixes work, living, retail and leisure in a dense setting. With realizations by the three offices responsible for the masterplan, and SJ Arkitekter, Snøhetta, MAD, and Lund Hagem, Barcode has become a showcase of twenty-first-century architecture on the border of city and fjord.