Hele Blokka Mot Jesperud

Seminar: Bytopian Breakfast - 2 of 3

Bytopian Breakfast x 3 is a series of communal breakfasts at central locations in three different districts in Oslo where municipal work on social housing and local democracy has been especially successful. This edition takes place at Mulighetenes Hus.

There will be free breakfast for all while representatives from the municipal districts present their work in conversation with local politicians and a moderator from Bytopia. The audience may also take part.

The goal of the Bytopian breakfast series is to share examples of best practice work on social housing and user involvement as examples of local democracy in action. The result of this work is mostly just shown within the administration and within the professional discourse in academia even though it is of great importance for the inhabitants of the whole city.

Bytopian Breakfast X 3 is a chance to learn more about the status on municipal work on social housing and user involvement and an opportunity to discuss what local democracy can mean in Oslo in 2016.

Language: Norwegian

Breakfast is served at 11 am.


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See also Bytopian Breakfast at Sagene Samfunnshus October 8. and Bytopian Breakfast at Lindeberglokalet October 22.

Photo: Åsa Mikkelsen