Cher: a Review



11. November

17:00 – 18:30

Danish Architecture Center


Cher: a Review will include four participants all in discussion about Cher—a mobile app developed for the Oslo Architecture Triennale—that will focus on the project both as platform and provocation with an emphasis on its final implementation. The discussion will take the form of a review, with each participant evaluating Cher both through their work and research.

Cher is an app that works within the logics of the sharing economy: connecting strangers through the things they need and love. In a world where our interiors are increasingly publicized, and our public spaces privatized, Cher is a platform to participate in both, asking its users to advocate for public space, stage unexpected encounters, and take control of social exchange—both digital and in real life.

The panel includes diverse perspectives will look at the effects of Cher through the design of the platform, through its implications on the social and cultural fabrics of the city, and through its place within disciplines including sociology and urban planning. The event is organized toward the end of the Triennale to provide an opportunity for critical evaluation—to treat the project as an ongoing experiment and to understand the “data”—ancillary or otherwise—that it may generate through its implementation.

Admission is free, a short reception will follow. Venue: Danish Architecture Center, Conference Hall Address: Strandgade 27 B, Copenhagen K

Contact info: info@cher.cityPhone /e-mail: +1-917-543-7973,