Exhibition Opening: City of Oslo Architecture Award 2016

Opening of the outdoor exhibition on September 27. at 16:00-17:00. The exhibition on Rådhusplassen displays the 25 different projects competing to become winner of The City of Oslo Architecture Award 2016.

The exhibition in itself translates the core statement of the Award, namely architecture. By creating a temporary built environment the exhibition visualizes the city’s constant transformation trough architecture.

Candidates for the City of Oslo Architecture Award are presented with posters and models. During the opening ceremony the three finalists among the 25 candidates will be revealed.

The exhibition is made by Line Solgaard arkitekter in collaboration with Kulturbyrået Mesén and artist Sebastian Sanders, contracted by the City of Oslo.

Prior to the award ceremony a detailed program will be announced on the website of Oslo kommune.

The award ceremony takes place in the Oslo City Hall October 13.