Conversation: How much of the city do we own?



8. September

16:00 – 17:00

Eldorado bookstore

Address: Torggata 9A, 0181 Oslo

What do we own of the city? What do we not own? In cities that are getting more and more private, a new public realm is surprisingly emerging from technological changes. Did architecture notice this? And, beyond any sociological question, how can we imagine to start from this condition to imagine a possible contemporary beauty for our private and public spaces?

Where do things belong? The question is simple and it is possibly the most interesting if we keep it to its basic formulation. Which are the objects that fit to the collection of the contemporary private? And falls into the public realm of the city? Are car still part of a private sphere? And if not, when did they move into the public sphere? Will we all die in a hospital, and so in public space? And how should death change accordingly?


- Pier Paolo Tamburelli- Shumi Bose- Andrès Jacque- Frida Escobedo- Jesse LeCavalier

Photo: Hannes Meyer, Co-op room, Basel, 1926