Seminar: Counter Borders



10 September

13:30 – 14:30

Address Hausmannsgate 16, 0182 Oslo

Young architects today enjoy an extraordinary level of mobility with regards to where they practice, build, and get inspired. In a series of dialogues between emerging architects around the world, Counter Borders asks: How important is belonging to young architectural practices?

The conversations will be gathered in a small-format publication to be released at an event during the opening weekend of the Triennale, where a live dialogue based on the publication will also take place. Counter Borders will address personal and professional dimensions of the emerging architects’ practice and the ways in which these two spheres of belonging intersect.

Superscript will moderate the discussions, which will include questions of how architects’ identity is reflected in their work, how they engage with the identities of the people they design for, and how these two senses of “belonging” support or conflict with each other.

About the organizer: Founded in 2011, Superscript is an editorial consultancy specializing in content strategy and production. Superscript finds new, effective ways of communicating ideas to broad audiences through writing, editing, and creating of accessible and engaging publications and events.

Photo © Monica Lek