Workshop: Communication through Creation



21. September

15:00 – 18:00

ByVerkstedet is located at Tøyen, which is in Gamle Oslo District. Our goal is to increase the feeling of belonging and community among the residents by involving them in local activities and cooperation.

With 50,000 inhabitants Gamle Oslo is the most densely populated area in Oslo. The district has a very diverse population. 50 percent of the residents have minority background and the area is a center for cultural diversity. To counteract segregation there is a great need for public meeting places and different activities that celebrate and preserve diversity.

ByVerkstedet will be open during OTA 2016 to promote the Workshop as a meeting place. Our aim with this activity is to promote our idea of community and interaction through activities.

At the workshop people are encouraged to share their tools and competence, as well as their ideas. We want to give people the opportunity to simultaneously share their knowledge and attain new skills.During the Trienniale we will have an extended program with different workshop activities connected to the theme of Belonging. The activities will be free and open to all. The workshops will also be held the following dates:

Sunday September 11., 12:00-15:00

Wednesday September 14., 15:00-18:00