Dealing with it / Assembly 2 : Values, significance, and currency



2 October

17:00 – 19:00

Bankplassen 4, Oslo (tidl. Museet for samtidskunst)

Organiser: Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Dwi Website Assembly 2

Design: João Doria

Dealing with it is an invitation only student workshop, but the program will be open to the general public during three assemblies intended to open the forum to a wider audience, encouraging an exchange of ideas and a collective moment of reflection.

During the assemblies, invited speakers and workshop participants will share expert knowledge and insight, inviting conversations between students, academics, fellow architects, designers, artists, engineers, construction professionals, politicians and the general public.

Dealing with it / Assembly 2 : values, significance, and currency
The second public assembly will focus on the social value and cultural significance of a site. Obsolescence is often defined by a cultural mode of perception, rather than a building´s inability to keep up with technological advancements. Why are some buildings valued over others? Why is one period in history considered more important than another? How do we assess the immaterial values inherent in a buildings or architectural elements? How can we communicate symbolic, political and social currency? How do these values increase or decrease when a site is in transition? What role do questions of authenticity play in this valuation?

Speakers include: Even Wergeland Smith (AHO), Joakim Skajaa (Skajaa Arkitektkontor), Lea-Catherine Szacka (The University of Manchester)

Assemblies are free and open to the public. For further details, regular program updates, a full list of participants and final locations check here.

The event may be photographed/filmed for public use.