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  • Venue Oslo School of Architecture and Design
  • Category Seminar
  • Organizer The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
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  • Address Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo
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Seminar: 2016-Ennials: A Geography of Temporary Territories

2016-Ennials is a series of three round table discussions around the Biennials and Triennials culture and the impact of such transient events on the discipline of architecture.

First in Venice and Rotterdam, later in Oslo, Istanbul and Lisbon, 2016 will be a crowded year of “-ennials” (either Biennials or Triennials), and one in which Europe will be in a state of continuous intervals – a geography of temporary territories. These large-scale events will expose the architectural community to a wealth of ideas on a range of different topics. But what is this all about? What place does this emerging discourse occupy? Are these events redefining the expanded field of architecture or, indeed, really having an impact on our cities?

Even if these events are established for their repetitive cycle, they are more than isolated puncti; they interact within temporary geographical and intellectual territories. They sustain transitory constellations and compose fluctuant fields of disciplinary norms and knowledge. They allow for the circulation of ideas and set new types of trade within the profession. In other words: they are far from innocent.

“-Ennials” operate as commuters; they shift sites and architecture players, while staging ambitions, locus and public personas. Linking the continuous momentum throughout the 2016-ennials seems to be a possible track to assess the current status of the phenomenon in architecture. Reflecting on the key notions of “battle,” “belonging,” and “form” — proposed by Venice, Oslo and Lisbon — this cycle of three debates will reflect upon the challenges of architecture and the real or fictional configurations of such events.

Participants for the Oslo debate: Hege Maria Eriksson (former director of the Oslo Architecture Triennale), José Mateus (director of Lisbon Architecture Triennale) and Sara Herda (curator of the 2015 Chicago Biennial, tbc). Moderators : Léa-Catherine Szacka and Rute Figueiredo.

The event is open to the public but there is limited number of available seats.

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