Film screening:

Neighbourhood stories



28 October

16:30 – 18:30

ROM for kunst og arkitektur, Maridalsveien 3, Oslo

And Love Has Vanished 3 16 9

And Love Has Vanished, 1961 (original title: Dvoje) directed by Aleksandar Petrović used with the permission of the owner of the rights Avala Film Way, Belgrade.

Join us for the screening of Neighbourhood stories - four short films portraying different aspects of life in a selection of neighbourhoods across four European cities. The short films bring forward a plurality of perspectives and experiences, contributing to a broader reflection on diverse neighbourhood cultures. The films are developed by five emerging creatives which were selected through the 2021 Future Architecture Platform Call for Ideas.

The four Neighbourhood stories are:

- “Cocinas Alterinas” by Mayar El Bakry and Gabriela Aquije Zegarra
- “Narratives of Space in Film” by Nina Bacum
- “Queer commons” by Alexander Auris
- “Neighborhood Unit” by Carlos Higinio Esteban

Read more about the films and the emerging creatives behind the films here.

Following the screening, the creatives will gather for a joint conversation reflecting on the topics raised in the films, and on what neighborhood culture is and can be. The conversation will be moderated by Alexandra Cruz, program manager of Oslo Architecture Triennale.

The event is held in English.

No registration needed! Welcome!

European Emerging Creatives on Mission Neighbourhood in Oslo
The film screening is a collaboration with ROM, and is part of the pre-program of the upcoming 2022 Triennale. Towards the festival next fall, the Triennale is an open laboratory for joint investigations into the Triennale theme neighbourhood.

The four Neighbourhood stories are selected projects from the Future Architecture Platform’s Call for Ideas in 2021. The Future Architecture Platform is an EU-funded platform of European architecture museums, festivals and producers, and the Triennale is one the platform’s 28 members. The annual Call for ideas aims to highlight, explore and share the ideas of emerging voices and talents within various disciplines.