Viewing / Performance:

Film screening: The Knights of the Lagoon



6. October

19:00 – 21:00

Gallery ROM

Address: Maridalsveien 3

Welcome to the screening of The Knights of the Lagoon (I cavalieri della laguna) in gallery ROM.

A human, poetic journey inside the Orbetello lagoon fishing community, using the fishermen’s stories to explore a new way of fishing, a philosophy of food production that cares about quality, the environment and people. A story of tradition and technology, humans and nature, passion and conflicts.

Director : Walter Bencini

Script: Walter Bencini

Photographer: Walter Bencini

Year: 2014

Country: Italy

Length: 100 min

The screening of this film is part of gallery ROM's yearlong project REPAIR, which explores how personal commitment and architectural and artistic practices can influence the shaping of society and the physical world. Several exhibitions, workshops, debates, lectures and events are planned for the REPAIR year. Overarching issues are consumption patterns, alienation, sustainability, ecology, durability, tradition, social practices and ethics in contemporary society. Some of the underlying questions we want to explore are related to how we can nurture what we have and simultaneously foster and transform, while researching the relationship between aesthetics and ethics. Our goal is to promote a counter-culture to the dominating consumer culture and tabula rasa-thinking.

ROMs contribution to Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 will explore the contexts of repair and belonging through this film viewing, the exhibition Little Norway, a guided tour, a workshop, a lecture and a conversation.


Eva Bakkeslett, Curator, artist, filmmaker & activist

Ola Sendstad, Curator, architect, editor of Flettverk Magazine

Henrik der Minassian, producer and ROM Director