Exhibition: Fully Furnished



19 November – 3 December

Opening hours 6pm - 8pm everyday

Address Building 5, Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar

Imagine living in an incredibly international community with neighbors hailing from all over the world, yet you all have dine at identical tables, sleep in identical beds, gaze at mass-produced art, and most of you are planning to leave the country after +/-2 years (or, perhaps not); imagine living somewhere stuck halfway between a home and a hotel.

“Fully Furnished" is an ongoing project that explores the GCC phenomenon of living in fully furnished apartments, either because of "company policy" or just to ease the burden of an inevitable departure. In Qatar, where the project is based, visiting workers represent 88% of the total population: an overwhelming majority. They are recruited from all over the world to support the rapidly developing nation on temporary contracts that, though renewable, never allow for the possibility of permanent settlement.

The artist addresses concepts of home and belonging within this transient, diverse environment with her contemporary take on the family portrait format, which, layered with audio recordings, allow the intimate differences of the subjects’ homogenized living experiences to unfold.

The development of the project can also be followed online: fullyfurnishedproject.com

Project by: Ania Wójtowicz

Photographer: Valantis Arsenios Lamprianidis Curator: Sebastián Betancur Montoya

Project on view November 19 – December 3rd6pm – 8pm daily and by request during normal opening hours (Saturday-Thursday 9AM – 10PM, Friday 1PM – 10 PM).