Game: No Money, No Cry



28 September

15:00 – 16:30

Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo, Maridalsveien 29, Oslo

Organisers Future Architecture Platform, Oslo School of Architecture and design, and Oslo Architecture Triennale


Klodiana Millona03

Photo: Klodiana Millona

The workshop is organized in the format of a game which constructs a situation among users to interact and negotiate shared resources among each other in response to personal and common needs, promoting collaborative consumption, service distribution and sharing as a lifestyle.

The game invites participants to explore the act of negotiation among multiple users in an urban condition, promoting access rather than ownership and eventually eliminating its eternal inconveniences, such as maintenance, storage, taxes and waste. The game stands as an exercise in exploring a world beyond economic growth, drifting away from the market and state control to address collective governing of shared resources and to prevent seeing ourselves as homo economicus, but instead as commonners. The delusion of endless growth is deeply rooted within the lexicon of capitalism and embodied by people. This game at large attempts to deconstruct these ideas and sketch new alternatives that can only take life if we appropriate a new vocabulary centred around care and ourselves as commoners- among one another and towards shared resources- while co-providing means of securing the basic necessities.

This workshop is partly made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL. The project is part of Future Architecture Platform.

Klodiana Millona is half of millonaliu, a duo of spatial designers and researchers from Albania and Taiwan, currently based in Rotterdam. Their practice is positioned both within architecture and its refusal. They research, write, build, curate and compose. Read more.

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