Exhibition: Global Spaces of Chinese Labor



7 November – 18 November

Address antipodes café, Dronning Eufemias gate 15, 0191 Oslo

Opening hours 09.00 - 21.00, all days

Casino Urbanization and the Textile Factory City: A visual narrative of domestic and labor spaces in two contemporary Chinese enclaves: Montville, Connecticut, USA and Prato, Italy.

Barely lucid, the worker rises by the toll of a dormitory bell. He punches a message into his phone while waiting his turn for a shower. He shuffles down the stairs and across the street to an assembly line where he will spend the rest of his day, perceiving dusk only through the windows. This is a familiar scene in the factory cities of China’s Pearl River Delta. But in the trickle of emigrants destined for places as diverse as an American casino and the Tuscan countryside, this narrative is also sustained, for the story of Chinese migration is, above all else, one of labor.

Even as millions of Chinese annually join the ranks of the middle class in the mainland, more Chinese are emigrating than ever before. This project examines local frustrations against global capital borne by the presence of Chinese immigrants in two diverse locales, Montville, Connecticut, USA and Prato, Italy.

Their trajectory reveals the fluidity of our economic borders, and their ways of life necessitate a redefinition of public and private spaces as they have been previously coded. The project pursues global dynamics as they manifest physically, and national identity as symbolic borders dissolve. In so doing, the organizers hope to reveal the urgent and inexorable pace of diaspora as a distinct cultural movement.

The exhibition is open 09:00 - 21:00, for further information see antipodescafe.org.