Havet Er Ikke Trolost

Performance: The Ocean is Not Unfaithful

The ocean is not unfaithful is a play by the artists Marianne Heier and Marco Vaglieri about what it is like to travel without a return ticket. The play is made for the Deichmanske library at Tøyen, in collaboration with Kunsthall Oslo. The performance is also played on the following dates:

Friday November 11., 19:00

Through conversations with the library visitors, they collect stories from people who have travelled to and from Norway for different reasons. These stories are put together with well known texts from world literature. In this way they want to talk about the Great Journey as both a concrete movement and as a metaphor for life in general. People have always travelled for many different reasons. While the nation state, and the regulations it brings with it, is relatively new, migration is an ancient phenomenon. Migration is not only an expression of desperation, but may be in response to a demand for new knowledge and skills. They themselves migrated because of love. The theme is broadly treated in culture through the ages, and has new relevance today.

This project is part of Art in the library - a collaboration between Kunsthall Oslo and Deichmanske library to create art for the library and its visitors. The project will take place in 2016-2017.

The project is supported by the Arts Council Norway and URO KORO

Actors: Kevin Mbugua, Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa, Irma Vaglieri
Light: Tobias Leira
Music: Per Platou
Script, director: Marianne Heier
Co-director and set design: Marco Vaglieri
Curator: Elisabeth Byre, Kunsthall Oslo

The performance is free and open to all. For the performance Friday, November 11, sign up by emailing