Home Planet: Re-sensing



18 October

13:00 – 15:00

DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo

Organisers: Home Planet / Nina Lund Westerdahl, Thibault Schiemann, Martin Nielsen & Karete Jacobsen Meland

Re Sensing

Illustration: Hector Pahaut

Life on Isonia is harsh and survival depends on paying attention to all kinds of sensory input, not just to the visual one. From childhood Isonians are trained to sharpen their other senses.

The Isonians know that if they want to live side by side with the People of Earth (PoE), they have to find out if the PoE can come into contact with the Isonians without being dominated by their sense of sight. They have to assess whether the PoE can discard their favourite tool of assessing other people and open up their other senses.

Through a training of the senses by positive experiences the Isonians keep on developing all their senses in a way that makes them more equal to each other. Now they want to share this with People of Earth.

In the age of Instagram and YouTube, we rely heavily on our sense of sight when meeting and valuing each other. In Re-sensing, the participants will only be able to use their other four senses (smell, taste, sound and touch) and interact in a world of darkness. Blindfolded, they can travel into their own memories, will get to know people without being prejudiced by looks and build a sense of community by fulfilling some tasks in this challenging world. Of course the location will be made to fit safety needs and there will also be a safety workshop on how to interact respectfully with people in darkness.

Re-sensing is a chamber event taking place during the performance and living installation Home Planet, providing a scheduled meeting between the People of Earth and the travellers from the planet of Isona. The travellers from Isona are played by a group of people who are participating in the full performance, living in a building in the centre of Oslo four days in October, exploring the city and culture of Oslo. Buying a ticket for the chamber event Re-sensing will also give you the opportunity to visit the Isonian’s base location.

Participation does not require any preparation, and you will learn everything you need to know in order to participate after arriving on the location. You don’t have to perform in front of an audience, but you (and other participants) are an integral part of the chamber event and will be asked to embody yourself, a person from the Earth.

The creators behind Re-sensing is Anna Emilie Groth and Olivia Fischer.

The event might be photographed/filmed for public use.

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