Conference: Who owns the City? Global Challenges of exclusion and inclusion



12. September

08:45 – 15:00

Address: Bygdøy alle 2, 0257 Oslo

Price: Free admission

The Conference lifts the “After Belonging” theme onto the global scene. One main challenge the world is facing is how to protect people from homelessness, displacement, exclusion and exploitation. And identify solutions within the context of urban areas.

The Conference will discuss todays housing crises. Today ¼ of the world’s population has inadequate housing, one million people are homeless and another sixty million have been displaced from their homes.The crises is multifaceted, including issues ranging from forced evictions to displacement to gentrification; from the mortgage crises to ; by misguided and capital-driven developmente mortgage crises to the austerity-driven decline in public housing to the exponential growth of slums. The worldwide housing and poverty crises is being precipitated by war and destruction; by natutal disasters and climate change, by misguided and capital driven development,, landspeculation and corruption.

The conference takes place within the preparations for Habitat III and the New urban agenda which will be adopted in Quito, Ecuador, 17-20 October this year.

Participants will learn that the Norwegian housing situation has much in common with the global one. That challenges are created to a considerable extent by global finance capital focusing on quick profit. That speculation and corruption are important factors. And how people can be protected from homelessnesss, displacement, exclusion and exploitation.

Representatives of Norwegian civil society organisations, research institutions and local government stakeholders will discuss how Norwegian foreign- and development policy should relate to these challenges.