Launch / Opening:

Presentation of Curator and theme for OAT 2019



28. February

18:00 – 19:30

Design og arkitektur, DOGA
Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo

They aim for no less than to change the world. With their concept for the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT), they want to bring together architects, artists, musicians, builders, politicians, activists and citizens to study, extrapolate, imagine and prepare for a future liberated from economic growth.

"Profound ecological, technological and cultural shifts are intersecting in a moment of global social change. The old industrial consensus of constant consumption fuelling perpetual growth is crumbling. Seizing this moment, OAT 19 will boldly explore the architecture of the emerging cultural economy in which the value of human flourishing outweighs the value of capital wealth, " the curators state.The first introduction of the seventh Oslo Architecture Triennale will take place on the 28th February with an exploratory event by the new Chief Curators. Through a mix of film, debate, and performance, the team will initiate a critical conversation about the need to imagine alternative futures. Come meet the team, grapple with the exhilarating challenge of architecture after growth, and raise a toast to the journey ahead

The curatorial team comprises British architect and Interrobang founder, Maria Smith, Canadian designer educator and Interrobang Associate, Matthew Dalziel, British critic and think tank director, Phineas Harper and Norwegian urban researcher and artist, Cecilie Sachs Olsen. Read more about the curatorial team and concept here.