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  • Venue Design and Architecture Norway, DOGA
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  • Organizer Norske landskapsarkitekters forening (NLA)
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  • Price NLA-medl. kr. 2900,- / ikke-medl. 3900,- / student 500,- / arbeidssøker 1500,-
  • Address Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo
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The NLA Fall Conference 2016: Landscape and Belonging

The Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects (NLA) Fall Conference 2016: Landscape and Belonging.

NLA Oslo and Akershus invites you to the autumn conference held October 21st in collaboration with the Oslo Architecture Triennale.

To come from. How does one experience leaving a landscape? What suddenly becomes important and what is most missed?

To arrive. How do people integrate these in a new context?

To return. How is it to return a landscape and further build upon its original qualities?

The conference reflects upon landscape and belonging, together with everyday status, as outlined in the European Landscape Convention. Themes such as living and adopting a new community are followed up through lectures, practical examples and through stories of everyday life.

Conference Dinner:
Tøyen Hovedgård, Oslo Botanic Garden, from 6:00pm
Tone Lindheim, director of the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo: Challenges and Possibilities in the Botanic Garden

Tickets: www.landskapsarkitektur.no
Prices: NLA, NAL, NIL members: NOK 2900,- Non-members NOK 3900,-
Students NOK 500,-


Guri Sørumgård Botheim, At home between the iceages, poetic reading (in Norwegian)

Liv Kirstine Mortensen, The European Landscape Convention – conservation, management and planning for a landscape in flux (in Norwegian)

Svein Elias Gautefall, Establishing Parcel Gardens at Refugee reception centers (in Norwegian)

Else Abrahamsen of Makers Hub, Integration Through Architecture (in Norwegian)

Anders Dahlbäck, Community Participation and Integration – Rosans röda matte, Malmø (in Swedish)

Dr. Clare Rishbeth, Inclusion and wellbeing through a shared sense of local belonging (in English)

Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail, Rural in character, urban in taste: Urban cultural landscape in Malaysia (in English)

Dr. Ramzi Hassan, Virtual Reality as a tool for reconstruction and documentation of cultural heritage sites and historically important landscapes in Palestine

Kenneth Dahlgren, Rodeo Arkitekter, Conferencier

Short presentations

KOTE; ”Herfra” – a sitespecific examination of physical expressions of identity and beloning in Oslo. (in Norwegian)

Kari Tønseth (Lala Tøyen); Vestkyst 2.0 – 4 municipalities, a territory and a new municipality (in Norwegian)

Anna Holand - how the festival «good enough» functioned as a participatory tool (in Norwegian)


“Public space, participation and belonging" with Dr. Clare Rishbeth and Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail

The Conference is held in Norwegian.