Bypolitikk Debatt

OAT-meal talk: Does Norway Have a City Policy?

The Research Council of Norway and Oslo Architecture Triennale invites you to debate: Does Norway Have a City Policy?

More and more people live in Norwegian cities. This puts greater pressure on land, resources and infrastructure than ever before. House prices are skyrocketing. Differences between East and West are increasing. Meanwhile, there is a political ambition to decrease emissions.

Knowledge, wisdom and good governance are necessary to develop cities that are solutions, not new problems. But does Norway really have a city policy?

Rasmus R. Reinvang (MDG), researcher Per Gunnar Røe (University of Oslo), developer Sverre Landmark (Aspelin Ramm), Head of the Institute of Urbanism and Landcape Marianne Skjulhaug (AHO) and managing director Fredrik Winther (Oslo Business Region) are all coming. Are you?

8:00: Breakfast
8: 30-9: 30: Debate. Does Norway have a city policy?

On September 30, OAT and the Research Council of Norway invites politicians, architects, researchers, developers and citizens to a debate focused on urban policies. Oatmeal and coffee is served prior to the debate. The event takes place in Store formlab, the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DOGA), Hausmanns gate 16. Moderator: Ingerid Helsing Almaas.

The event is part of the National Science Week and Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016.

Participation in the debate is free of charge and open to all, but require registration. Please follow this link to register for the event.