Guided Tour:

Guided tour: On Residence



25. September


Design and Architecture Norway, DOGA

Welcome to a guided tour of the exhibition On Residence at DOGA.

The On Residence exhibition dissects the architectures entangled in the contemporary reconfiguration of belonging, showing how these architectures play a role in redefining residence and its spatial, aesthetic, technical, and sociopolitical implications of this redefinition.

The exhibition displays an accumulation of evidence unveiling the multiple scales and media involved in these architectures, including documents, objects, projects, and built interventions.

On Residence considers, among others, the relation of architecture to current pressing questions like refugeeism, migration and homelessness; new mediated forms of domesticity and foreignness; environmental displacements; tourism and the contemporary technologies and economies of sharing, among others.

On Residence is structured around five areas: Technologies of a Life in Transit, Furnishing After Belonging, Markets and Territories of the Global Home, Borders Elsewhere, and Sheltering Temporariness.

The guided tour is free and open to all!

The guided tour will be arranged the following dates:

25 September 14:009 October 14:0023 October 14:006. November 14:0020 November 14:00