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Seminar: ADAPT - Accessible, Affordable, Integrated Housing Strategies in Oslo

In Oslo representatives from the public sector, public institutions, private companies, academy and cooperatives will discuss the correlation between ethnic segregation and the housing system, exploring different trajectories of immigrants’ adaption strategies to the housing market. As the Oslo’s non-native population continues to grow both in size and proportion—according to projections by 2030, immigrants and their descendants will constitute the 50 percent of its population—it remains to be seen how Oslo will evolve.

The event will focus on what are the barriers that impede immigrants to settle and integrate? What characterizes settlement patterns of different immigrant groups in Oslo? How to create inclusive housing stock that last over time? What could be the role of public sector in this? What are other actors who should be involved and activate to respond to these issues?

The seminar is open to all and free of charge, but require registration. To sign up, please follow this link.


  • An introduction to Urbego and its focus and experience with collaborative housing strategies. Giulia Maci – Urbego Copenhagen & PhD researcher University of Venice, Urban Planning Department
  • An introduction on the findings of the BOBY Pre Workshop for an Integrated City 10th May 2016. Silvia Mete – Norwegian University of Life Sciences, City and Regional Planning Department
  • Pathways to Integration : Cross-cultural Adaptations to the Housing Market in Oslo. Susanne Søholt – Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research NIBR, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science
  • Housing, the nuts and bolts of the Norwegian welfare state. Barbara Elisabeth Asher – Oslo School of Architecture and Design
  • Strategies and projects for a varied housing provision. Hilde Olea Simonsen – Director of resource centre in the Agency for Planning and Building Services
  • Growing population, changing demographics and the arrival of new citizens in the Oslo region. Cathrine Bergiordet – Statistics Department Akershus Municipality
  • Lunch Break
  • Shaping Shared Societies. Sarah Prosser – Special Advisor Social Enterprise Tøyen
  • An Architects perspective – Challenges & opportunities to build affordable and flexible housing in Oslo. Arch. Geir Haaversen, A-Lab and arch. Arild Eriksen, Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter
  • More than a building. Arch. Dan Zohar, Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter (HZA)
  • Open House Oslo. Arch. Ülar Mark, Kodasema
  • Closing remarks. Giulia Maci



Urbego is an international network of urban professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life in cities through active participation, co-creation and knowledge sharing. Its projects are based on the interplay of co-creation, youth engagement, and international involvement.

ADAPT is conceived and organized in partnership with Oslo BOBY and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).


The Conference is arranged with support from the Triennale's General Partner: