Open Debate: Perspectives from Oslo

There will be an open debate 27. October at 18:00 in Arkitektenes hus, Josefines gate 34, in connection to OAFs contribution to the Oslo Architecture Triennale. The debate will be open to all and free of charge.

The debate will centre on the aforementioned themes of belonging and habitation. Some key questions will be: Is Oslo a city of inclusion? Do we need to feel that we are belonging when we are in transit? Have we decided who should be allowed to inhabit Oslo? Is enough work being done to achieve affordable housing in Oslo?

This event will start with an introductory presentation of the work produced by Trine-Lise Sonne and Gerrit Mosebach. Following this Hilde Sandvik, the moderator of the evening, will present the three members of the discussion panel, who each will give a 10-minute introductory talk. Panel members will include Ivar Johansen, member of the Oslo City Council (SV); a researcher/ writer and an architect. The debate will be moderated by journalist Hilde Sandvik.

We look forward to an interesting evening with the exchange of ideas between of politicians; participants of the Trienniale; architects and the citizens of Oslo. The debate will be streamed and will be posted on the OAF and Trienniale web sites.

Perspectives from Oslo

Perspectives from Oslo is Oslo Assiciation of Architects' contribution to Oslo Architecture Triennale. The project is divided into separate phases, all of which relates to the 2016 Triennial’s title “After Belonging”. This year’s Triennial addresses topics such as place; habitation; identity and time based on today’s global situation where an increasing number of people are in transit, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Perspectives from Oslo is made up of two main parts. The first, a mapping period, will be completed and shown in an exhibition in Arkitektenes hus, 17. October to 4. November, with a vernissage 17. October.

OAF also provides an open lecture series during the period, sponsored by Fritt Ord.

We encourage all inhabitants of Oslo to post a photo of their own selection to the Instagram page Perspektiver fra Oslo with #perspectivesfromoslo or #perspektiverfraoslo.

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