Audiowalks / sound installation:

Place listening



26. September – 24. November

ROM for kunst og arkitektur, Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo

Contributors: Nina Lund Westerdahl (DK), Cecilie Sachs Olsen (NO)


Photo: Anna Emilie Rosen

Photo: Anna Emilie Rosen

“Hello? Hello? It’s me, the Future. Can you hear me? Of course you can, you can hear me all around you all the time. You just need to listen”.

The Future invites you to join a playful exploration of urban space guided by the voices of the present: children, artists, architects, older people, developers, students, politicians and planners who reflect on and tell the stories of Oslo in 2019. How do we relate to each other in urban space? How does money and property affect our relationship to the places we inhabit and to each other? How does the Future experience life in Oslo in 2019? And how do we experience the Future’s view on our present?

The artist duo Sachs/Westerdahl introduce the idea of place listening as an immersive, embodied and multidirectional engagement with urban space. Place listening explores playful urban listening across different settings and media, combining site-specific audio walks based on a series of public workshops with a sound-based exhibition and a game-manual for self-directed play at ROM for Art and Architecture.

Place listening is part of the core programme the Playground: