Conversation: The Value of Belonging

In our current globalized world, people and objects circulate more frequently and rapidly than ever. The term belonging has a number of connotations, and we are steadily losing the ability to understand the true value of things, time and relations. Meanwhile, small-scale initiatives to promote feelings of local pride and make the best possible use of local resources spring up like mushrooms.

Who are we – mankind – in this divide between the temporal and the ephemeral? How can we develop our modern environments to create a feeling of belonging – both physical and relational? How do we value local characteristics in an increasingly streamlined and standardized world?

With the exhibition On Residence as a point of departure, we invite you to a guided tour and conversation.

Guided tour in the exhibition at 17:30

Conversation at 18:00


  • Gillian Warner-Søderholm. Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Communication, Culture and Languages (BI Norwegian Business School)
  • Sarah Prosser. Special Advisor Social Enterprise and Social Innovation, Områdeløft Tøyen

The conversation is moderated by Stig Arild Pettersen, journalist based in Oslo, founder and host of the foreign policy podcast Du Verden!