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Exhibition: Seeking Sanctuary - Bergen

The Seeking Sanctuary exhibition presents projects responding to urgent and everyday needs for refugees and host communities. The works on display showcase the possibilities of creating normality in extraordinary situations through architecture, planning and design.

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 12 October, 18–21
Exhibition: 13–14 and 17–20 October, Opening hours: 10–17

Venue: BAS, mezzanin, Sandviksboder 59-61a, Bergen

The works are produced by students from the In Transit Master Studio / The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Heterotopia Master Studio + Border Crossing Master Studio / The Bergen School of Architecture (BAS), Urban Resilience Master Studio + Newcomer Space NTNU Live Studio / The Faculty of Architecture and Design (NTNU). The Border Crossing Master Studio at Bergen School of Architecture has the pleasure of inviting you to theSeeking Sanctuary exhibition happening next week.

The Seeking Sanctuary exhibition is part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT), and was first shown in Oslo in September. After display in Bergen, the exhibition will travel to Trondheim in late October, before its final display at the Architecture in Emergency Symposium in Istanbul in November 2016.

An exhibition where the audience will experience an intervention in public space. Travel bags expose students' research, analytical drawings and spatial critique in a dialogue with transient agendas and local processes. In the unpacking, different focuses will be explored in site-specific events that bridge the results from previous semesters and ongoing courses with the broader discussions of the After belonging thematic.

The exhibition in Bergen will be hosted by the Heterotopia and Border Crossing Master courses at BAS.

Seeking Sanctuary is an amalgamation of affiliated courses, teachers and students from AHO, NTNU and BAS questioning and responding to the refugee challenge. Seeking Sanctuary hosts joint events in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, and contribute to the OAT with a joint event-based exhibition series. AHO is a member and BAS and NTNU are associated members of the Oslo Architecture Triennale.

Seeking Sanctuary will be on display in

Oslo: 16–18 September

Bergen: 10–14 October

Trondheim: 25 October – 6 November

Istanbul: 17–19 November

Seeking Sanctuary Participants:

In Transit I-II, Master´s studio, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

Urban Resilience, Master Studio, Urban Ecological Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Design (NTNU)

Newcomer space, NTNU Live Studio, Faculty of Architecture and Design (NTNU)

Heterotopia Master Studio, Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)

Border Crossing Master studio, Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)

Participants Bergen

Exhibition in Bergen hosted by BAS. The exhibition will build on findings from the Heterotopia course and engage the ongoing Border Crossing Course.

The studio course Border Crossing at the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) engages in a critical spatial practice where investigation and field experience is synthesized through online publishing of the [BX-files]. The aim is to question, discuss, (re)define and develop architectural vehicles for spatial negotiation.

The Border Crossing project will incorporate lecturers and collaborate with partners/experts within the Norwegian and international network of architecture schools, institutions and individuals involved in the topic. The project responds to the After Belonging topic by analyzing the spatial conditions of border crossing, and questions spatial permanence by looking at the in-between states of transit. The project discusses self-organization and negotiation of temporal use of space in relation to the Right to the City, and will explore the social, economical and political circumstances that create these temporal spaces.


20 international students of architecture fall semester 2016.


Vibeke Jensen is an architect and visual artist currently based in Berlin. Jensen is responsible for the Master studio Crossing Borders at the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) where she has been a visiting professor since 2010.

Anders Rubing is an architect based in Bergen. He is teaching master level courses at BAS.