Exhibition: Seeking Sanctuary - Trondheim



28. October – 30. October


Venue: Elgsetergate and Hesthagen

Oslo School of Architecture (AHO), the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) will host a joint exhibition, visiting all the three cities during the autumn and end up in Istanbul for display at the Architecture in Emergency symposium in November.

The exhibition is based on the work of all students at the faculty of Architecture and Fine Art that have worked with Newcomers and meeting places in the city. The group consist of 21 students with backgrounds in Social Science, Architecture and Urban Planning from 12 different countries (Mexico, Ghana, Bangladesh, Italy, Australia, Canada, Uganda, Norway, Nepal, Ethiopia, India and Singapore). In addition to this the sustainability workshop for all students at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art will function as a dialogue between the exhibition, the invited guest lecturers and the continuation of the unpacking of different issues of “what architecture can do”.

Seeking Sanctuary-events in Trondheim

October 27: Open Lecture, Andrew Freear on Rural Studio

Seeking Sanctuary will be on display in

Bergen: October 10-14

Istanbul: November 17-19

Seeking Sanctuary consists of:

In Transit I-II, Master´s studio, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

Urban Resilience, Master Studio, Urban Ecological Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Design (NTNU)

Newcomer space, NTNU Live Studio, Faculty of Architecture and Design (NTNU)

Heterotopia Master Studio, Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)

Border Crossing Master studio, Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)

Seeking Sanctuary is an amalgamation of affiliated courses, teachers andstudents from AHO, NTNU and BAS questioning and responding to the refugee challenge. Seeking Sanctuary host joint events in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen and contribute to the OAT with a joint event based exhibition series. AHO is a member and NTNU and BAS are associated members of Oslo Architecture Triennale.

Participants Trondheim

NTNU is responsible for the event in Trondheim. The student’s projects have all looked at “newcomers” and the relation to space in the city of Trondheim. With request from the Directorate of Immigration and Integration (IMDi) the students have mapped; Where does integration actually take place and what qualities does the spaces of social interaction have that formal institutions can learn from? The students have used the learning about informal arenas of social interaction to design and build meeting places in the city.

NTNU Live Studio are student led projects that are based on actual issues, and developed in real dialogue with external partners. The projects can be located in Norway or abroad. They may be building or planning projects. The projects are mainly initiated by students in collaboration with external partners, but they can also be part of NTNU's Master's studies in architecture and planning. It is an important goal that the projects and processes have societal significance.


Salifu Issifu, Susanne Støyle Alsaker, Marie Langsholt Homlqvist, Emilie Berge, Kristina Stendal Karlsen, Alejandra Madero, Leonardo Soria Henrnandez, Sylvia Green, Magnus Nordahl Hauken, Nabin Hamidoul Hassan, Bipul Nayak, Kokob Abera, Preetam Pandey, Tripti Mahaseth, Tathabarata Battacharya, Marcella Bianchi, Nicholas Perkins Dureau,Kule Yosia, Frederick Mugisa, Revi Bharath.

Fellesuka – Sosial Bærekraft - “Social Sustainability, Architecture and Refugees” is a joint workshop that includes all the students at the Faculty.