Seminar: "Nature, Labour, Land"



22. October

14:00 – 16:00

National Museum - Architecture

Address: Bankplassen 3, Oslo

Nature, Labour, Land: A Forum for Collective Arctic GovernanceThe research project “Nature, Labour, Land” examines Kirkenes as a site of potential in the construction of alternative forms of governance in the Arctic. Developed in collaboration with union leaders, Sámi representatives and environmental activists from across the border; the project is structured as a series of forums aimed at the making of a public archive, with cases that range from legal claims over land rights to future scenarios of climate change, organised labour and Sámi autonomy. Coinciding with the first presentation of this archive at the In Residence exhibition, participants on the forum will critically consider the spatial and legal implications of rethinking Kirkenes as a future model for an Arctic eco-political citizenship.

PROGRAM AND PARTICIPANTS- Markus Richter (curator, the National Museum ): Welcome and introduction- Øystein Rø (Tansborder Studio / Oslo Architecture Triennale Kirkenes Report): keynote/introduction in Transborder's report and related research- Nabil Ahmed og Dámaso Randulfe (Nature, Labour, Land – Oslo Architecture Triennale Kirkenes Intervention Strategy): Presentation of the intervention strategy

Round table discussion with: Ánde Somby (Sámi writer, yoiker and associate professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø), Knut Åsdam (artist and filmmaker, Oslo), Luba Kuzovnikova (artistic director, Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes), Øystein Rø (architect, Transborder Studio, Oslo), Nabil Ahmed (artist, researcher and writer, CASS, London), Dámaso Randulfe (architect, designer and writer, CASS, London), and Markus Richter (curator, the National Museum).