Workshop: Tøyen Replanted / Part One



19. October – 21. October

09:00 – 12:00

Tøyen Deichmanske Library

Adresse: Deichmanske Library, Tøyen Torg

Workshop: Tøyen Replanted / Part One

As cities become more diverse, the challenge to shape public spaces that are alive, accessible to all and carries a unique local identity, is increasingly more complex. After belonging elsewhere, inhabitants need to find new sense of community. The investigative design program Ideal Lab takes on the theme identity, in the particular context of Tøyen in Oslo.

Since most places are inhabited by indigenous and migrant populations, an inclusive local identity, emerge as important to create a happy and prosperous community. Having a certain nationality as ones only identity does not suffice anymore. We stay less often where we were born or where our ancestors came from. Humanity is migrating to the cities, and its populations can choose where and how they want to live. To create a common identity with a sense of belonging is a necessity for habitants to feel truly inter connected. The replanted identity grows out of the experiences we share and by continuously adapting.

Tøyen Replanted / Part One: Deep dive & scenarios is a workshop where designers and locals meet, develop ideas and shape scenarios together that build the identity of Tøyen. The participants will get introduced to methods like Design Thinking and Urban Gaming that will be used to get to know the local community at Tøyen. The scenarios created will be shaped and realised in the Part Two of the workshop.

The workshop is open for everyone with a connection to Tøyen. It is possible to participate to the workshop partially.

Time: 19-20th of October 2016, 9-12h Location: Deichmanske Bibliotek, Tøyen Torg, Hagegata 28, 0653 Oslo

This workshop will also be arranged 21st of October 2016, 14-16h at Intercultural Museum.

Information and registration: Information about the program: and Birgitta Ralston +47 48 123 115

Part Two of the workshop will be arranged the 26-29th of October. See our calendar for further information.

The workshop is organised by Ideal Lab, in collaboration with the Norwegian Organisation of interior architects and furniture designers NIL and Vestre. Partners are the Deichmanske Bibliotek, Interkulturelt Museum and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Supported by Bergesenstiftelsen.