Turncoats Oslo: More is More

At this year’s Oslo Urban Arena conference, OAT hosts a novel debate format to be presented in Norway for the first time; Turncoats:



19. September

16:30 – 18:00



Endless economic growth: engine of human ingenuity, key to prosperity and only defence against the severe ecological crises ahead. Or a mythical trap driving cities into a spiral of unsustainable unjust developments depleting human flourishing, wrecking the planet and impossible to perpetuate.

Turncoats is a provocative global debating society turning public discourse on its head, shaking and serving over ice. It is off the record, offline and riddled with devil’s advocates hiding in plain sight. Prepare for big arguments from surprising places, where the only allegiances are to the spirit of uncompromising urban debate.


Kjetil Trædal Thorsen (Chair), Maria Smith (co-chair), Lukas Leitinger (Proposition), Phineas Harper (Proposition), Birgit M. Liodden (Opposition)
and Anja Bakken Riise (Opposition).


Turncoats Oslo: More is More is a breakout session of the conference Oslo Urban Arena (OUA). Oslo Urban Arena is a conference for innovative urban solutions. By pinpointing the problems we face in the future of city development, OUA set up a framework for discussing and solving these problems by gathering experts in the field, from all over the world. Read more about Oslo Urban Arena here.

Read more about the global debating society Turncoats here.