Seminar: Urban Borders - Is culture a tool of transformation of the city?



10. September

14:00 – 16:00

Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Culture is obviously an important tool to meet challenges for cities striving to find ways to bridge a more diverse population. An interesting question is how culture and cultural institutions function as a tool for urban development. What are the differences and similarities in different cities? What lessons can be learnt? How can culture serve as a tool to achieve more social sustainable cities?

The talk aims at addressing how cities choose to develop urban strategies related to culture and cultural institutions in order to become more attractive, interesting and human. To what extent do cities prioritize cultural resources? What kind of balance between the formal and the informal should be achieved? How are different cultures and various groups of people included in cultural strategies? And finally how can cultural strategies lead to more open-minded cities and citizens?

A study of cultural institutions in Oslo and Paris done in collaboration between Oslo school of Architecture and Institut francais de Norvège will serve as a backdrop for the conversation.

SPEAKERS: Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, architect / Snøhetta, Michel Agier ethnologue- Anthropologue / Institut de recherche pour le développement, Umberto Napolitano, architect and co-founder / Agence LAN, Jesper Kofoed –Melson, CEO and co-founder GivRum

MODERATORS: Marianne Skulhaug, head of Department of urbanism and landscape at AHO and Agnès Arquez-Roth, attachée culturelle and deputy director at Institut français de Norvège