Viewing / performance:

Video Exhibition: Replanted Identity



18. October – 29. October


Tøyen Deichmanske Library

Address: Hagegata 28, Tøyen

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 10-18, Friday: 10-16, Saturday: 11-15

Video Exhibition: Replanted Identity

As cities become more diverse, the challenge to shape public spaces that are alive, accessible to all and carries an unique local identity, is increasingly more complex. After belonging elsewhere, inhabitants needs to find new sense of community. The investigative design program Ideal Lab takes on the theme identity, in the particular context of Florø in Norway and Saint Nazaire in France.

Since most places are inhabited by indigenous and migrant populations, an inclusive local identity, emerge as important to create a happy and prosperous community. Having a certain nationality as ones only identity does not suffice anymore. We stay less often where we were born or where our ancestors came from. Humanity is migrating to the cities, and its populations, can choose where and how they want to live. To create a common identity with a sense of belonging is a necessity for habitants to feel truly interconnected. The replanted identity grows out of the experiences we share and by continuously adapting.

The works from the Replanted Identity program was shown in an exhibition touring France in 2015 in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Paris. At the Deichmanske Bibliotek, two video works from the exhibition will be shown and an interview video investigating the local inhabitants relationship to Saint-Nazaire.

The artworks shown are:

How to spend eternity wisely by David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin

Gleam of Light by Anne Lise Stenseth

Images of the exhibition on tour:

Opening the 18th of October at 19h. Exhibition period: 19 October - 29 October 2016 Opening times: Two projections towards the square after nightfall and one video installation inside the library. Place: Deichmanske Bibliotek, Tøyen Torg, Hagegata 28, 0653 Oslo

About the artworks:

How to spend eternity wisely by David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin

A figure in the distance seems to be pacing up and down in a bucolic landscape. His comings and goings, at first sight devoid of all intention and purpose, appear to be determined by the size and movement of a cloud … unless they are themselves dictating the movement of the cloud.

The film propose an osmotic relationship with nature which appears to be a theatre of permanent exchanges where the body and the elements seem to be in perfect accord and rub shoulders in an assumption of equivalence.

Here, “the landscape is felt to be an extension of personal space, its scale serves to measure the span of oneʼs own body expanded to the limits of the horizon”. In this evocation of a new form of cosmology, temporality is reinterpreted by the yardstick of the correlation between the pacing of the man and the march of the world. The body is set in the framework of a universal and natural time, in the constantly changing limits of the world.

Gleam of Light

by Anne Lise Stenseth

For me as an artist and a former inhabitant in the outskirts of the town Florø, I thought it was interesting to have this possibility within the frame of the project “Replanted Identity” to meet people, make a new work and reflect on the contemporary conditions of the place and observe the changes that has taken place since I was going to high school there in the 70’s.

My contribution to the project is a short film informed and inspired by people we met, and circumstances and activities at the Westcon shipyard in Florø. This business has a history back to 1949, and has produced equipment for agriculture industry, a high number of various tankers, repair, maintenance and modification services for ships and rigs and building of subsea and offshore steel constructions. Like in most shipyards the people who work there come from different countries and the workers are a mixture of permanent employees and temporary workers.

The new film Ljoske/Gleam Of Light consists of sequences filmed in the welding hall in the shipyard in Florø in combination with a short story interpreted by Kyrre Eikås from Sogn og Fjordane Theater. It is a story about a man that has come to a new country to work because there is no work in his native country. We follow the life and work in the shipyard, as well as his alienation, longing and solitude.


Excerpt from the filmtext :

“… Most of the time I stayed in this environment at the shipyard. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t live here. I had a studio appartment. In the beginning I only stayed during working hours. I arrived, put on my overalls, my safety gear, went into the production hall, exchanged a few words in my new language and hooked up to the oxygen generators. Those who did the same work as me were already connected. Everybody had to be…”

There will be arranged workshops in different locations in Oslo 26-29 October. See our calendar for further information

Photo: Andreas Eikeseth Nygjerd