Exhibition: Objects That Contain Embedded Memory



8. September – 18. September


Babtist church

Address: Hausmannsgate 22, 0182 Oslo

The intention of the project is to highlight the relationship between object, place and separation when we are forced to leave behind our homes and surroundings. The students have created an exhibition of peoples belongings set in their surroundings. The objects have a value to their owners that has been invested as a result of use over time and the memories that are associated with its use.

The objects will carry the memory of the life left behind. The condition of the object, the possible damage and signs of use accumulated through its life will convey the idea of impermanence, beauty, value and transit.

The students have carried out interviews with Grandparents, old relations, people that live in old peoples homes or other people that have left their homes behind and are in transit. We have chosen to use old people as our reference group as we want to include the idea of transit towards death within the idea of leaving behind. In this way we can make the point that we are all in transit – at some point there will only be the memory left behind and this memory can be contained in objects the person has owned.

September 8. there will be an exhibition opening in the evening 17:00-20:00. The exhibition will then continue until Sunday September 18.

The exhibition will be open for all the following days at the following times:

September 9. - 13.: 12:00-17:00

September 14. - 15.: 12:00-20:00

September 16. - 18.: 12:00-17:00