Exhibition: Who Lives There?



19 November – 27 November

09:00 – 21:00

Open 09:00–21:00

Language English

Address antipodes café, Dronning Eufemias gate 15, 0191 Oslo

Who Lives There? is an exhibit project that documents the ideas and actions through which house owners build domestic space. It is comprised of six case study documentaries featuring diverse household groups.

We all dream about the house in which we would like to live. Meanwhile, we keep shaping our day-to-day home. Home is the place where we can unfold our personal cosmos of belongings, set our very own habits, play and rest, fix and break rules and routines, invite the public or protect the intimate. In the end, this way, somehow, we all make at home the house we would like to live in.

‘Who Lives There?’ comprises a set of documentaries on contemporary ways of living. It features a Moroccan family living in a high–class suburb; a Shelter House inhabited by 12 African illegal migrant teenagers; a Lesbian couple; a team of artists working and living in a former carpentry workshop, which is also an exhibition space; an eighty-something grandmother living with her divorced son and a women in her thirties living on her own.

While the documentaries have been filmed in Madrid, the different assemblages of people – with their cultural filiations, problems and daily routines – show a wider portrait of the global contemporary condition of belonging (or not) to a place. People, belongings and traditions are no longer stable in time or space.

While exhibited in Oslo, the project will have the chance to grow and confront similar kinds of households in Norway through a set of interviews conducted at antipodes café.

November 19–20: Open Montage

November 21 - 17:00: Exhibition opens and coffee with... Paula and Gonzalo.

ParticipantsPaula García–Masedo and Gonzalo Pardo Díaz

The project is supported by Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid (COAM) og Fundación Arquitectura COAM.