Secretary General of the Oslo Society Ole Rikard Høisæther participating in the audio walk at the conference Planning 2052 in London, 25th January 2019. Photo: Oslo Society / Astrid Ledang

The Oslo Society is joining the OAT family

The Oslo Society has been accepted as an associate member of Oslo Architecture Triennale, thus becoming the fifteenth member of the OAT family.

Oslo Architecture Triennale is a non-profit association and a platform that gathers the most important architecture and urban development institutions in Norway. The members’ contributions to the Triennale are of the utmost importance, both financially and in the form of programme content for the festival.

OAT was established by the National Association of Norwegian Architects in 2000. With the entry of The Oslo Society, the OAT family will have six main members and nine associate members.

26th September sees the grand opening of the seventh Oslo Architecture Triennale. OAT 2019 will chal­lenge the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies and investigate the architecture of alternatives. Hanna Dencik Petersson, director of OAT, is very pleased to have The Oslo Society on board from this year on:

– The Oslo Society and its commitment to urban development in Oslo throughout its 200-year history is commendable. We look forward to knowledge exchange and collaboration in developing OAT in the years to come.

For The Oslo Society, OAT is an important new arena for thinking out loud about urban development in Oslo:

– For The Oslo Society, OAT is a natural local arena. The Oslo Society is already an established dissemi­nator of information on urban development and the history of Oslo – through de blå skiltene (the blue signs), Oslo Byleksikon (Oslo City Encyclopedia) and the journal St. Hallvard. As an associate member of OAT, The Oslo Society can make a greater contribution to the strengthening of dialogue and awareness of what makes Oslo a great city with a high level of well-being, says Ole Rikard Høisæther, Secretary-General of The Oslo Society.

Photo: The Oslo Society / Astrid Ledang