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Core programme partners

Oslo Architecture Triennale has a big network of cooperating partners whom we will collaborate with to develop and produce both the core and the extended program of OAT 2019. As Chief Curator, you will work closely with the OAT secretariat and OATs core programme partners to build and develop the different parts of the core programme.

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) promotes design and architecture as tools that create economic, social and environmental values throughout Norwegian businesses and the public sector. DOGA is part of the Norwegian government’s range of initiatives for increased innovation.
At DOGA, we work on the role design and architecture plays in the designing of future Norway. We do so by developing new knowledge, facilitating collaborations between designers, architects and businesses, and by sharing knowledge about how design and architecture can be tools for innovation. We also experiment with new solutions by being an arena for development, innovation and testing.
DOGA works on a national and international scale - often in collaboration with its vast network of people, companies and institutions throughout the public and private sectors. Its facilities in Oslo house several multipurpose spaces, including a major exhibition hall.

The National Association of Norwegian Architects

The National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) is an independent members organisation for Norway-based architects with an approved college or university degree. It works to represent its members’ interests and to promote high quality architecture throughout Norway. NAL participates in public debates about architecture and local development, and has a strong voice in architecture-related political debates.
NAL offers professional development through additional education, pilot projects, magazines and other activities:
Architectural Competitions
NAL is a consultant and facilitator when working with Norwegian architectural competitions. It assists its clients with planning and implementing competitions, whilst providing guidance and advice throughout the process.
A venue for training, dissemination and exchange of experience
NAL offers professional development through additional education in different areas. It organises seminars and conferences within different subjects, and hosts one of the biggest annual events for architects in Norway: Arkitekturdagen (Architecture Day)
Environment and sustainability
NAL is at the forefront regarding the environment and sustainability. It works closely with the authorities and other collaborators - aiming to increase cooperation between architects, consultants and other operators in the construction industry.

The National Museum – Architecture

The National Museum – Architecture is a part of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. Its mission is to collect, conserve, research, exhibit, and promote knowledge about architecture. The National Museum – Architecture possesses Norway’s most extensive collection of architectural drawings, photographs and models, with a total of over 300,000 objects.

The museum’s education and exhibition activities seek to strike a balance between the historical and the contemporary. Its aim is to increase interest in architecture by making it more accessible to a wider audience, thus creating experiences that provide insight, have an emotional impact, and arouse people’s enthusiasm.

In close collaboration with the museum’s own curators and project group, the Oslo Architecture Triennale curator will develop OAT 2019’s exhibition and help it reach the museum’s target groups and audience.

The museum is located at Bankplassen 3 in central Oslo. The building was originally designed by Christian Heinrich Grosch and was completed in 1830. For many years, it was the main office for Norges Bank (the central bank of Norway). It was later redesigned as a museum by Sverre Fehn, whose design included the 325m2 glass pavilion where OAT 2019’s exhibition is to be displayed. Sverre Fehn won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1997.

Oslo Arkitektforening (The Oslo Association of Architects)

Oslo Arkitektforening (OAF) is the largest local association of architects in Norway and organises the members of the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) throughout Oslo and Akershus. Together with NAL, OAF is based within Arkitektenes hus (The Architects’ House) in central Oslo, which is the venue for a regular series of programmes consisting of lectures, talks and debates. In addition, OAF contributes to public debates on planning and architecture, runs a free architecture consultancy for the city’s inhabitants, and produces exhibitions, publications and other events.
In previous versions of OAT, OAF has contributed with content such as excursions, events, publications and exhibitions. For OAT 2019, OAF is keen to work closely with OAT’s curator on developing content that is relevant to local architects and the city of Oslo. Arkitektenes hus is a great potential meeting place for architects and others with an interest in architecture. That being so, we hope to further develop it in the future, and any events connected to OAT should therefore be considered part of that venture.

Oslo Business Region

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key to a more robust, diversified and sustainable future economy for Norway. Oslo Business Region’s ambition is to be a driving force for this development. Its main mandate - granted by the city of Oslo - is to build a stronger startup ecosystem, and to make Oslo more internationally recognised for its distinctive qualities. Nordic tech has become hot, and for a relatively compact city, Oslo punches far above its weight. It builds bridges between startup companies, corporates, and as the world’s first smart city accelerator, individuals and investors. We invite the world to Oslo every year, during Oslo Innovation Week (www.oiw.no).

At the same time, Oslo is one of the most unrecognised cities in the world compared to others with a more established reputation. In collaboration with VisitOSLO and The Oslo Region alliance, Oslo Business Region has developed an international brand management strategy for Oslo (www.oslobrandbox.no). Being a pioneer, Oslo has decided to forgo having a logo or a slogan for branding purposes. We believe actions speak louder than words, and that values are stronger than slogans. Expect Oslo to be trailblazing, enriching and genuine!

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

The Oslo School of Architecture and design (AHO) offers a unique research-based education of international standing. Since its establishment in 1945, it has built a solid national funding base and is prominently ranked internationally. AHO awards three Master’s Degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Design, as well as a PhD programme. The school follows a studio-based model, with a faculty-to-student ratio that encourages individual development and collaboration. The school has approximately 650 students.
As a constituting member of OAT, AHO has contributed in many ways throughout the years by way of exhibitions, lectures, studio courses, seminars, events, workshops and other formats. For OAT 2016, AHO launched a new initiative called The Academy, adding a strong pedagogic component to the programme. The Academy was organised as a one-week workshop in an abandoned museum building in Oslo (Stenersenmuseet), and managed to assemble 124 students and 34 faculty members from 14 schools around the world. AHO wishes to build upon this experience when developing its contribution to OAT 2019.

e-flux Architecture

For OAT 2019, the selected curator will collaborate with e-flux Architecture to produce an online editorial project. This will be comprised of newly commissioned content from a wide range of multi-disciplinary perspectives, as well as viewpoints around a single concept that departs from the curatorial theme by offering new insights.
Each contribution will be distributed via email with a distinct graphic identity to the e-flux Architecture subscriber list, which includes over 90,000 readers. Additionally, the content will be published online and collected on a dedicated project page.
Besides these two media formats, e-flux conversations will offer a space to specially engage with a wider audience, whilst e-flux.tv will allow for the dissemination of audio-visual content.