Vulkan 2

Urban developer Aspelin Ramm support OAT

The urban development company Aspelin Ramm and Oslo Architecture Triennale has teamed up to develop a program for children and youth during the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016: After Belonging. Aspelin Ramm provides funancial support, and the program is developed in collaboration with Elvebakken videregående skole.

– It means a lot for OAT to enter into partnership with Aspelin Ramm, an urban development company with a long record of responsible urban development projects. This partnership makes it possible for OAT to increase its reach to a younger audience, encouraging them to reflect upon their own belonging and how it depends on and is affected by the urban environment, says Hanna Dencik Petersson, director of the Oslo Architecture Triennale .

– We want the buildings themselves and the spaces between them to form valuable elements in the landscape and the urban picture, spaces for belonging and identity, says Sverre Landmark, marketing Manager of Aspelin Ramm.

Aspelin Ramm is a Norwegian developer of urban spaces and properties with a mission to create attractive urban environments. Aspelin Ramm was involved in the design of the Tjuvholmen and Vulkan developments in Oslo, the Union Brygge development in Drammen and other complex projects that made a major impact on the urban environments and the attractiveness of the cities.