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Oslo Architecture Triennale 2013: Behind the Green Door

The 2013 edition of the triennale was entitled Behind the Green Door – Architecture and the Desire for Sustainability. With the Belgian collective Rotor as curators, the main exhibition and the over 100 programme posts examined sustainability’s extensive impact and influence on architecture and city planning the last 30 years.

The triennale’s main exhibition, Behind the Green Door, opened on September 19th 2013. For over a year prior to the opening, Rotor had collected over 600 objects, all carrying claims of sustainability, from over 200 architecture offices, companies and environmental organisations across the world. The exhibition contained everything from press cuttings, material samples, models, games, photographs, videos and prototypes – an impressive collection showing how architecture, city planning, scientific practice, business opportunity and political power are intertwined under the umbrella of sustainability. Together these objects formed a collection of curiosities, exhibited at DogA until December 1, 2013.

Based on Rotor’s concept and exhibition, an extensive programme was put together with over 37 partnering institutions. This resulted in 100 exhibitions, conferences, guided tours, public meetings, seminars, educational programmes, films and parties. The programme lasted over 73 days and took place at 19 different venues all over Oslo. Over 60 000 audiences took part in the 2013 triennale programme.

OAT 2013 became a record year in terms of interest, audience, programme and press.

The curators

Rotor is a young working collective of architects, engineers, designers and researchers based in Brussels. In addition to bringing architecture and design projects to life, Rotor question our use of architecture and design, materials and waste through research, exhibitions and writings. Rotor received international recognition for their contribution to the 2010 Venice Biennale and the OMA exhibition at the Barbican in London 2011.

Lionel Devlieger and Maarten Gielen, Rotor

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