Oslo Architecture Triennale 2013: Book

Behind the Green Door

Buy the book Behind the green door – A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects

OAT and Rotor are publishing the book on the objects, emerging discussions and work with Behind the Green Door.

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The book ‘Behind the Green Door - A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture Through 600 Objects’ portrays the prevailing green wave in architecture and the many controversies that surround it. Based on the Rotor’s acclaimed exhibition and research for the Oslo Architecture Triennale, 600 supposed sustainable objects are presented and discussed over 368 pages. The book is enriched with comments from over 100 international experts.

Editors: Rotor

Contributors: Rotor + 100 international experts

Publisher: Oslo Architecture Triennale

Language: English

Price: NOK 239 (+ shipping and handling) / Euros 28 (+ shipping and handling)

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The lists of objects and commentators can be found HERE

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“In popular consciousness there are two main camps in the sustainability debate: the moralists who want us to forsake all pleasures, and the cynics who want to earn money on quick-fix technological solutions. In Behind the Green Door, Rotor present a third position in the form of an undogmatic inquiry, open to all the paradoxes and dilemmas of the contemporary crisis.” Mari Hvattum, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

“Both as an exhibition and as a publication Behind The Green Door manages to pinpoint the contradictions and dilemmas contained within the contemporary understanding of ‘sustainability’. It provides a most appropriate reference for those of us interested in the continuous evolution of this term.” Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, founding partner, Snøhetta, Oslo, Norway.