Oslo Architecture Triennale 2013: Catalogue

Behind the Green Door

Buy the catalogue Behind the green door – architecture and the desire for sustainability

Can we still learn something about sustainability – something that lifts us out of the prejudice and conformities of current policy and practice? Can we gain new insight by debating the various outcomes of sustainable architecture and urbanism?

The Triennale catalogue is a critical and playful investigation of sustainability’s influence on architecture over the last 70 years. Everything from historical studies of green building practices to excess consumerism and waste, from ecology to new innovations, are being investigated in new ways. Readers are invited to a thought-awakening, humorous and visual journey of one of our times most used terms.

The catalogue, which is in English, contains texts and images provided by curators Rotor along with selected authors and guest writers. The catalogue was published prior to the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2013. The editor is Helle Benedicte Berg, and graphic design is done by NODE Oslo Berlin.

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“The curators ask: ‘Has the widespread use of the ‘green’ adjective resulted in an almost complete erosion of the meaning?’ It’s a good question that responds to the rampant use of the word ‘sustainability’ and the placement of the adjective ‘sustainable’ in front of just about anything…. If you’re interested in a ‘time out’ be sure to visit OAT’s website for information on ordering the catalog.” John Hill, A Daily Dose of Architecture